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Duckr is the Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting App. Duckr has everything the serious waterfowl hunter needs to ensure a successful hunt. From a first timer to a seasoned professional, one can get all of the useful information needed to hunt and track waterfowl, in one convenient, easy to use app – all backed up to the cloud and able to be shared on multiple devices. Full weather forecasts, wind, precipitation – whether snow or rain, cloud coverage, moon phases, sun rise/set times, temperature, and even sun positioning relative to your hunt location.

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Keep track of your favorite hunting spots, securely and encrypted, in the cloud. You can even share them with your buddies! Find these hunting locations with ease by using GPS based navigation or by dropping breadcrumbs during scouting. Have a new friend meeting you for a hunt at a blind they’ve never been to? No problem! Just share it with Duckr!

Weather is sometimes even more important than the perfectly brushed blind. With Duckr, check out all the weather data you’ll need for a full 10 days in advance, seeing all the things you need to know to ensure a successful hunt.

Keep track of scouting or hunts by recording ducks on the water, ducks harvested, different species, hunting buddies, among many other things. Use our reporting tools to find out which one of your spots is really working better than the others!


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Create & Share Hunting Locations

Save, comment, and share each of your hunting spots securely with others.

Add notes on number of Ducks on the water when scouting
Upload pictures and leave breadcrumbs to find the blind in the dark
Share location, pictures, and chat with hunting buddies.

GPS Based Blind Tracking

Securely and precisely store your blind locations in the cloud. Duckr’s GPS storing technology uses the most precise GPS available to mark your blind. Ever get frustrated trying to find a blind in the pitch dark using a dropped pin from another GPS application? Ease your mind and find your blind with ease using Duckr.

Weather Reports

Full 10 day weather forecasts including chance of precipitation, temperature, wind direction, moon phases, as well as map overlays showing radar, wind, precipitation, and show coverage. Get more detailed information on an hourly basis for the next 24 hours.


Duckr can tell you exactly what direction the wind is coming from as it relates to your blind via a birds eye view. Never again will you set up your blind facing the wrong way!


Make note of the sun rise, sun set, and sun direction as seen from your blind. No use having the sun in your face in the perfect blind! Not only will the ducks immediately see you but you won’t be able to see them to shoot!


Additional Features

Not only can Duckr track blind locations, hunt statistics, upcoming weather, wind directions, and navigation, it also comes packed with these additional features.

Guide service reviews and ratings (as provided by a partner site – allow you to search guide services in the area you want to hunt and give you user based reviews on just how good, or bad, that particular guide service is.

Search your point database (Duckr calls blinds, or rather anything you’ve marked on the map, as “Points”). Give your points identifying names, or use the blind names your hunting club has given them.

Flyway reports from other Duckr users for the 4 major US flyways.

Chat feature to talk to all of the other Duckr users. One can even create custom groups of contacts and have a free chat with them. You can also even share photos and videos of that great hunt with one another, all for free. Don’t bother with low resolution SMS or MMS text messages anymore that your carrier charges you for!

Duck species identification will help you identify that allusive duck you just bagged but aren’t exactly sure what it is. You can even listen to the sounds of different ducks and see if you’re calling them in correctly.

Seasons & Limits screen will help you identify the current season for the area you wish to hunt as well as all of the limit information you need. All of this in one tidy interface for every single state in the USA.

Hunting license storage feature allows you to take a picture of, and keep track of, all of your different hunting licenses for the states you plan to hunt in. Never get caught without your license by the DNR or any local wildlife management group – all you’ll really need to carry is your stamp!

Coastal hunter? Duckr has you covered with data from all of the near tidal stations.

SOS feature that can alert nearby Duckr users as well as an emergency contact that you are in need of immediate assistance.

Location of Bass Pro and Cabelas with store hours and phone numbers.

Duckr store has all of the Duckr gear you’ll need!


The Ultimate Waterfowl App

Using Duckr, any waterfowl hunter, from a first timer to a seasoned professional, can get all of the useful information needed to hunt and track waterfowl, in one convenient, easy to use app.


$0.99 / Month

$9.99 / Year

A 20% discount!

Secure, encrypted, cloud based, and precise point based hunting locations

Map with Cloud, Radar, Snow, Wind speed/direction, and Satellite layers.

7 day weather forecast and 24 hour detailed forecast, including wind speed and direction

Communication feature to chat with the Duckr community, your personal friends, or groups of friends.  Even share pictures from that memorable hunt!

Draw property boundaries right on the map, along with distance identification.  Make sure you’re hunting within your lease!

Flyway reports for the 4 main flyways in the USA

Waterfowl species with descriptions, pictures, and calls

Hunt tracking, statistics, and reports

Season and limit lookup by state as well as the ability to store your hunting license so you’re never without it!

Guide Service reviews and application support

Tight integration with Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze for directions


$1.99 / Month

$14.99 / Year

A 40% discount!

Includes all of the features from the Basic Plan

Ability to securely share points with friends, clients, anyone!

Sun enabled overlay showing the time and location of the sun on the map.


Client testimonials

Duckr Hunting App puts all your hunting information in one place. Everything you need lives in a single location, so that communication between you and other hunters is efficient, relevant, and personal.

The App is Awesome! Finally, I can get all of the apps I use to hunt ducks in one place, and it’s all backed up for me into the cloud. Being able to keep track of hunting spots, easily check weather, Sun, and wind all in one place. I can even tell my buddies where to meet for a hunt super easy. Can’t wait to use it again this hunting season!

Pat Smith

Duck guru

I really love the fact the Duckr is very useful for people who like hunting small game. This App provides some very useful information. I Subscribe all year long as I use wind direction and a few other weather features for Dog training in the off season.

Sam Jeffrey

Hunting guru


Shared Blinds

Users have created and shared blind location and shouting reports with other Hunters.



Duckr users who use the Duckr App to create scouting reports and find Flyway Hotspots on WMA.


Weather Reports

Weather reports per user over the season, up to the minute weather conditions. Wind direction, Snow Cover, Precipitation, Sun up and Sun down times.